November 26, 2007

President Joseph Kabila announced the names of ministers in the new Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Antoine Gizenga today. Most key ministers of the previous cabinet retained their positions.

The number of ministers in the new cabinet is down from 40 to 33. A shift has been anticipated for months to improve the effectiveness of the government. Many ministers were left anxious about their future employment after being put on notice that a review of their work was in progress.

Among those making their entry in the new cabinet are José Endudo Bononge (environment),Emile Bongeli (Press and Communication), Mutombo Bakafwa Nsenda (Justice) and André-Philippe Futa (Economy).

The number of Ministers of State is down from six to three. Losing their titles as Ministers of State while remaining ministers are Mbusa Nyamwisi (Foreign Affairs), Pierre Lumbi , and Sylvain Ngabu.

Prime Minister Antoine Gizenga is set to defend the government’s budget plans for fiscal year 2008 before lawmakers on Tuesday.