November 5, 2008

Americans elected Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States on Tuesday. On this historic day, people all around the world rejoiced as their preferred choice came out in front at the end of a long and hard-fought campaign.

In Congo, people erupted in joy early Wednesday morning as Barack Obama was declared the winner. On the streets of Kinshasa, honking cars greeted the announcement as people gathered to talk about the win and what it may mean for the Congo, Africa, and the world.

Congolese have been following the elections with great interest since Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy. They have taken pride in the fact that he is also a son of Africa. Many believe an Obama administration will be more involved in Africa and could help resolve the conflicts which have plagued the Great Lakes region for more than a decade.

People in the Congo are also thankful to the president-elect for a bill he introduced in the U.S. Senate which provides $52.000.000 in assistance each year to the Democratic Republic of Congo.