November 8, 2008

As if more evidence was needed to prove that Laurent Nkunda is a war criminal, this week we had more reports that civilians had been targeted for summary executions after Laurent Nkunda’s rebels attacked and occupied the town of Kiwanja in North Kivu province.

Human Rights Watch said in a statement that “Nkunda’s forces battled pro-government Mai Mai militias on November 4 and 5 in Kiwanja, killing a number of civilians trapped in the zone of conflict. Eyewitnesses in Kiwanja told Human Rights Watch that at least 20 persons were killed and another 33 wounded during a battle for the town and in the cleanup operations by Nkunda’s forces that followed”.

The international community has come to realize that the rebels are on a mission of population and ethnic cleansing in North Kivu province. The population has run away from the rebels during each of their advances. No one can blame them when we see what happens to those who dare to stay in their homes under rebel occupation. Media reports indicate that the rebels went door to door killing those who were unable to flee.

Warlord Laurent Nkunda is infuriated that those he claims he wants to “liberate” have rejected him and his cohorts. He has decided to massacre, once again, innocent civilians, attack and burn refugee camps, and clean entire villages of anyone he thinks might be sympathetic to the legitimate government.

One wonders how long, how many massacres, how many millions of dead innocent civilians it will take before the International Criminal Court and other judicial jurisdictions indict, arrest and bring to justice this blood-thirsty warmonger and his supporters in Rwanda.