April 20, 2010

South Kivu province governor Louis Leonce Chirimwami Muderwa resigned on Monday after 17 months in office. 

Investigators from an ad hoc committee of the South Kivu Provincial Assembly had filed several grievances against the governor.

They noted, among other things, the mismanagement of the province, financial mismanagement, budgets approved but never implemented, and projects started but never completed.

The committee had first proposed the dismissal of three provincial government ministers. However, during a plenary session of the Provincial Assembly on March 23, they asked for the outright dismissal of the governor.

22 deputies on the 34 present voted for the resignation of the governor. The vice governor will lead the provincial government, pending the election of a new governor within 15 days.

Louis Leonce Muderwa is the second South Kivu province governor to resign after Celestin Cibalonza stepped down in 2007.