August 22, 2011

The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy nominated President Joseph Kabila as its candidate for the November presidential election on Sunday, the last day of its second convention – which was being held at Stade des Martyrs since Friday.

The ruling party said in a statement read to delegates by its Secretary-General, Evariste Boshab, that President Kabila was chosen because he has shown “exceptional moral qualities” and has been “consistent in his promises”.

During the convention, delegates and party activists debated strategies to assure that President Kabila wins reelection in November.

Delegates were told to be prepared and ready to respond to political attacks from opposition parties, namely on issues such as the US$ 6 billion deal signed between the government and China.

On Friday, Evariste Boshab, who is also the Speaker of the National Assembly, asked delegates to nominate candidates who will give the party a comfortable majority in the next parliament.

Women and youth leaders were exhorted to put forward candidates at all levels of the national, provincial and local elections.

The convention also dealt with topics such as how to ensure that the forthcoming elections are free, democratic, and transparent.

From Le Potentiel and Radio Okapi articles